Summer is the perfect season to make some major landscaping decisions, and no landscaping decision is bigger than deciding whether to add a tree to your garden. Planting a tree in your yard has many benefits: it’s good for the environment, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and it can even increase your property value. Here are a few things to consider if you’re thinking of adding a tree to your front yard or garden.


Think about how a tree would complement the visual design of your landscaping. Do you want a tall tree or a shorter one? Would you prefer a tree with thick trunk or a small trunk? Do you want your tree to have a big leafy canopy? The answer to all of these questions will influence how your tree looks with the rest of the garden. Getting a tree that matches with the general colour scheme or native origins of the plants in the rest of your yard will help your landscaping look visually coordinated.


An important thing to consider when adding a tree to your yard is what type of tree would work best with your current environment. The different plants and animals that live in your yard exist as a tiny self-contained community. It’s important to choose a type of tree that can adapt to the fragile ecosystem of your garden. For instance, certain trees attract certain type of animals that may disrupt the natural harmony of your yard, such as squirrels. Do your research before committing to a type of tree to find the one that best suits your natural environment.


Where you plant your tree can have many practical implications. Find a spot that is visually appealing but also useful. For instance, plant your tree in a place where it can provide the best shade. Check with your neighbours before planting a tree, and make sure you don’t place it too close to someone else’s property. If your tree is in the right location, it will add visual and practical value to your home.

Trees add a beautiful element to any landscaping design. Tree planting is a process that requires practical and aesthetic consideration, so don’t go into it blindly—contact From The Roots Up Inc and we can help you choose and plant the ideal tree for your home.