Tree and Shrub Fertilization Services In Calgary

Vitalizing your trees and other green assets at your home or business is essential to maintaining a beautiful and healthy landscape. Tree fertilizer seamlessly maintains the beauty of the natural environment, and this is particularly important in big cities like Calgary. The nutrient deficiencies of large urban areas have been studied deeply by environmental scientists, and finding workable solutions to the issue has been difficult. The city simply doesn’t offer the same advantages that nature does. Luckily, tree and shrub fertilization services in Calgary will help keep your trees healthy.

Professional tree health experts

Keeping your trees healthy in the city is difficult because natural sources of nourishment that are abundant in the wild outdoors are either not present in big cities or are removed by cleaning services. To compound the problem, trees are often competing with other aspects of your landscape for limited resources, and other urban problems such as compacted soil further the issue. That’s why it is recommended to have your trees maintained and pruned by professional arborists, and for you to have these professionals work out a fertilization schedule.

Our professional tree health experts in Calgary will work out a plan for providing your tree with the nutrients that they need to thrive. With our fertilizers, your landscape will be looking beautiful in no time.

Fertilization factors

Many home or business owners think fertilizing is as simple as buying some chemicals at the home and garden store and throwing them on the ground. That isn’t true. You need a knowledgeable team of experts to really get to the bottom of things. Factors that influence the choice of fertilizer and schedule of fertilization include age, species, the surrounding landscape, weather, and diseases. From The Roots Up Inc employs certified professionals that are experts in tree health.

Our services not only work to make the tree healthier, the fertilization products and techniques that we use all serve to make the soil and surrounding environment healthier too. If you want to enjoy a healthy landscape, contact our team of professional arborists today.

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