Stump Grinding Services In Calgary

Tree removal is not as simple as cutting down the trunk and hauling the leftovers away. Once the tree has been felled, there is still the stump to deal with. And those roots can run deep. If you have had a tree cut down in your yard, then getting the stump removed is the next part of the job. From The Roots Up Inc offers professional stump removal services in Calgary, and we’ve been serving the local community for years, helping home and business owners put the finishing touches on their tree care services.

The problem is that the stump is the hardest part of the tree to remove. It is the base of the whole organism, and the strong roots often reach far into the Earth, even joining with other neighboring root systems. Stump removal is a very difficult, arduous, and complex process, which means you need to have a professionally-trained, insured, and dedicated crew of arborists with the right tools to get it done right.

The right tools for the job

Leaving a bare stump in the centre of your lawn is simply not an option. It needs to be disposed of, but doing so is incredibly difficult. Despite what you may have heard, doing so on your own is nearly impossible. Our professional arborists will be on site as soon as possible to assess the situation, determine a plan of action, and get to work.

Removal needs to be done right. If not, then the trees will start growing back or worse, your lawn could be damaged. Don’t settle for a company that doesn’t have a long track record of proven success, and never go with uncertified or uninsured companies. They are not worth the trouble. Get a company that will get it done right the first time. Contact From The Roots Up.

Helping the environment

About 25% of the mass of the tree is in the stump and the roots, and since we are all becoming more environmentally conscious there has become increased demand for the harvesting of stumps for use as biofuel. Ensuring that no part of the tree goes to waste is a great way to help conserve energy, but it needs to be done right. Environmental studies show that improper practices can actually do harm to the soil, so it’s vital that you get a company that knows the right practices for stump removal.

From The Roots Up Inc offers professional stump removal services to Calgary and surrounding areas, providing high-quality workmanship and customer service throughout the metro area. We’ve been helping the local area make its homes and businesses more beautiful and sustainable for years. Contact us today!

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