Our organic products use sustainable methods, as well as natural and sustainable materials, to restore proper soil balance. As proper soil balance returns, healthier soil results in healthier plants that are less prone to pests, fungus and disease. All this while still having the peace of mind that your children, pets and the environment.

We offer a complete line of innovative non-toxic products that fertilize, protect, and reduce watering needs for anything that grows.
Revive is a high tech blend that brings depleted soils back to life and contains high energy biological components which will result in healthier more beautiful trees and shrubs in a matter of a few weeks.

Plant Armour is an all-natural polymer that provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces evaporation and transpiration of water
  • Encourages deeper more massive root systems
  • Helps plants endure stressful conditions such as droughts, extreme cold as well as Chinooks

We offer 3 different packages based on your landscape needs. Our programs offer spring and fall root zone fertilizing, foliage sprays and washes, as well as winter protection. We will also create you a customized tree and shrub Spa Treatment Plan that will result in a very happy, healthy and stronger plant.

Please call (403.685.ROOT) or email us (info@fromtherootsup.ca) to dicuss our Organic fertilizing options, we’re here to help!

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