Many first time gardeners may have heard of fertilizer without knowing exactly what it is or how it works. Fertilizer is a material added to your soil that gives your plants supplemental nutrients so they can grow stronger and healthier. It’s important to understand the properties of fertilizer so you can use it to help your garden grow more effectively. Here are some fertilizer facts to help you grow the lushest garden possible.

What is in Fertilizer?

Most fertilizers contain three main nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Each of these nutrients has particular benefits for your garden.

  • Nitrogen stimulates the production of chlorophyll, the natural chemical used in photosynthesis. Nitrogen helps to make your plants grow leafy and green. Without this essential nutrient, your plants would wilt and potentially die.
  • Phosphorus supports the development of roots, stems and blossoms. Adequate phosphorus levels are needed in order for fruit and vegetable plants to produce bulbs.
  • Potassium helps to prevent plant rot and disease and encourages the development of strong and stable roots. This nutrient also helps to control the intake of carbon dioxide and promotes photosynthesis.

Types of Fertilizers

There are many different types of fertilizers, each with particular benefits for your garden. The type of fertilizers you use will depend on the specific needs of your garden.

  • Slow-release or granular fertilizers get broken down by plants over time so they don’t get overwhelmed by too many nutrients at once. Granular fertilizers are broken down by water and heat so your plants will receive a small dose of nutrients every time you water the garden. This fertilizer is best to use for long-term maintenance and covering large areas at once.
  • Top-dress fertilizer is placed in the soil at the base of individual plants. It is the best fertilizer for plants that aren’t growing as strong as the other plants in your garden.
  • Water soluble and liquid fertilizers are fertilizer treatments where nutrients are dissolved into water. This solution can be used to water plants or sprayed directly onto leaves to ensure healthy development.

It’s important to keep your garden fertilized to encourage plant growth. Many gardens don’t have the nutrient-rich soil needed to promote healthy plant development, so fertilizer is often necessary to help your plants become green and strong. From The Roots Up Inc offer professional fertilization services to make your garden more hardy and healthy. We work with you to develop the fertilization technique that’s best for your garden. Contact us at From The Roots Up Inc for high-quality and personalized landscaping and garden care services.