Just because summer is drawing to a close doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening right away. There are many ways for you to stretch your green thumb well into the fall, and prepare you garden for the long winter ahead. Keep your garden looking its best all season long with this guide to fall gardening from the expert landscapers at From the Roots Up.

What to Do About Falling Leaves

If you have a tree in or around your property, falling leaves can cause chaos in your garden. Not only do fallen leaves disrupt the visual appeal of the garden, they can block sunlight and interrupt the growing patterns of your plants. To prevent fallen leaves from overtaking your garden, have them regularly raked into orderly piles. Once the piles are collected, put them in the compost—dead leaves will decompose over the winter and turn into excellent fertilizer for your garden come spring.

Prepare for Frost

Frost not only kills the plants and wildlife growing in your garden during the winter—it can also prevent plants from blooming again in the spring. Luckily, there are certain preventative measures you can take to mitigate the negative effects of wintertime frost. Plant any new trees and shrubs early in the season (from late August to late September) so they can have at least six weeks to grow before frost. Make sure to remove all dead annual plants from your garden after a frost to help maintain soil quality. Remember: you can continue watering plants until the ground freezes, at which time you should stop watering the garden for the season.

Animal Protection

During the winter, animals may burrow into your property and make homes in your garden where they’ll hideout for the winter. Trimming the foliage of your perennial plants will help discourage winter pests from attacking your garden. Scaling back tall grass and weeds from the edges and corners of your garden will prevent small rodents from building winter nests in your property. Protect fruit trees from animal infestations during the winter by wrapping screening material around their trunks.

Gardening doesn’t have to stop just because the summer is over. Protect your garden against seasonal damage and keep it looking its best all year round with these helpful fall garden tips. For more landscaping advice and to have your garden redesigned by our landscaping professionals, contact us today at From the Roots Up.