Professional Arborist & Tree Experts In Calgary

From The Roots Up Inc is a local company that serves Calgary and the surrounding area with residential and commercial tree care. Our company is made up of certified arborists, professional customer care representatives, and experts from the local area who understand both the aesthetic and health values of beautiful trees. Our team is full of people that are highly-trained, fully insured, and dedicated to the maintenance of the natural environment. Let us help you keep your trees beautiful!


Stump Grinding

Our stump grinding and removal service is done with the utmost care by skilled and trained arborists. Proper assessment, planning, and efficiency ensure that your property is not damaged in the process.

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Fertilization Services


Through proper fertilization, we will improve the health and appearance of your natural surroundings. Our professional tree health experts will work out a plan for providing your trees with the nutrients that they need to thrive.

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Tree Planting Services

Tree Planting

We’ve been helping Calgary and surrounding areas stay beautiful for years to come with dedicated and professional tree planting services. No matter the size of your property, we can help improve it.

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Tree care in Calgary

The importance of trees can’t be overstated. Our tree care services in Calgary mix the right amount of foliage with a perfect design, all while keeping your home, the surrounding power lines, and everyone in the area safe from any danger. Maintaining trees requires delicate skill and a lot of hands-on experience – you need to get the right company for the job.

We believe that green assets are just as valuable as any other asset you hold. Keeping them safe, healthy, and beautiful is the best way to keep Calgary the beautiful city that it is.

Whether you need large, commercial tree care, have residential home projects that you need consulting on, or need tree work around your utilities, From The Roots Up Inc has the tools to get the job done right. We are capable of handling any job, large or small.

The value of tree maintenance

Tree maintenance, and landscaping in general, is one of the most valuable services that a home or business owner can invest in. Pruning or modifying your trees, maintaining your lawn, and keeping your other green assets healthy provides real value to you, your neighborhood, and the environment. Aside from the direct aesthetic benefits, maintaining your trees will:

  • Add value to your home and property (gardening and landscaping are a major factor in curb appeal)
  • Eliminate potentially hazardous risks of diseased trees or debris
  • Allow for better lighting when the canopy is trimmed
  • Provide a safer space to relax and enjoy nature

We have the tools and skills necessary for not only maintaining your trees’ health, but also sculpting their natural form to enhance your surroundings.

From The Roots Up Inc is Calgary’s most trusted tree services company. Our professional arborists are not only skilled and friendly, they are dedicated to keeping Calgary’s natural beauty intact. Over our years of service in this city we have come to appreciate and cherish the natural beauty of our city. By providing certified, insured, and caring services including tree removal, stump grinding, grounds maintenance, tree utility work, and general landscaping to the local area, we are doing our part to keep Alberta beautiful. Contact us today for more information on our services!

From The Roots Up Inc is a hardworking, professional team dedicated to our clients’ satisfaction. With experience in tree removal, stump grinding and fertilizing, we work hand in hand with other certified arborists. From tree removal, tree pruning, tree shaping to hedge trimming, tree health assessment, land clearing and new tree planting, our goal is to provide an end to end solution while providing a good work ethic and excellent service for all.

Why Us?

From The Roots Up Inc’s passion for the environment, combined with our commitment to the customer satisfaction sets us apart from the rest. Our service is built on dependability, good work ethic and competitive prices. We offer stump grinding & fertilizer services, both Organic & Traditional.


From The Roots Up Inc conventional fertilizer as well as an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer in accordance with national standards. We will create you a customized tree and shrub Spa Treatment Plan that will result in a very happy, healthy and stronger plant. Call us today!